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It’s that simple… After you complete our Sleep Survey, we’ll be able to generate your customized SleepBook—loaded with a personal Sleep Report and tons of tips and advice for improving your sleep quality. 

How are YOU Sleeping These Days?

All of us have unique sleep patterns, habits, and circumstances.  Completing the Sleep Survey is the key to getting the most out of SleepBook and your chance to discover how and why you sleep the way you do.  Your survey answers will help us understand your individual sleep patterns and circumstances.

NEW!  The Multi-Day Survey

For optimal results, we recommend you select our new, “multi-day” Sleep Survey.  This is your chance to help us identify patterns and abnormalities in your sleeping life.  Here’s how it works: First you’ll complete the initial survey.  Then, you’ll go about your day (and night) normally.  In the morning, we’ll ask you to log on and answer some questions about how you slept the night before.  After several nights, we’ll be ready to give you some highly personalized recommendations for getting a better night’s sleep.   

The Standard Survey
If you’re in a hurry to get your SleepBook right away, you can still opt to take the standard Sleep Survey.  We’ll still be able to give you lots of useful, personal suggestions and information. 

Getting Started
It couldn’t be easier.  The path to a better night’s sleep is just a click away.

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